Series 50 – Section 8.11 Splicing Guidelines

Section 8.11
Splicing Guidelines

The following are guidelines which may be used for splices. The methods described are not the only acceptable methods. Any method should produce a high quality, tight splice with durable insulation which can be expected to last the life of the vehicle.

The selection of crimpers and splice connectors is optional. Select a high quality crimper equivalent to Kent-Moore tool J 38706 and commercially available splice clips.

Section 8.11.1
Splicing Tools

The following is a list of tools required for splicing wires:

  • Soldering iron
  • Rosin core solder
  • Wire strippers
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Splice clips
  • Crimp pliers

Section 8.11.2
Straight Leads

To splice straight leads:

  1. Locate broken wire
  2. Remove insulation as required; be sure exposed wire is clean and not corroded.
  3. Slide a sleeve of shrink wrap on the wire long enough to cover the splice and overlap the wire insulation, about ¼ inch on both sides.
  4. Insert one wire into splice clip (P/N: 0597428 or equivalent) and crimp.
  5. Insert the other wire into splice clip and crimp. See Figure "Spliced Wire " .
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    Figure 1. Spliced Wire

Section 8.11.3

Soldering splice connectors is optional. To solder splice connectors:

  1. You must use rosin core solder.
  2. Check the exposed wire before the splice is crimped in its connector. The exposed wire must be clean before the splice is crimped.
  3. Use a suitable electronic soldering iron to heat the wires. Apply the solder to the heated wire (not to the soldering iron), allowing sufficient solder flow into the splice joint.
  4. Pull on connection to assure crimping and soldering integrity.

Section 8.11.4
Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is required. Alpha FIT-300, Raychem TAT-125 or any equivalent heat shrink, dual wall, epoxy encapsulating adhesive polyolefin is required. For information on this product contact the companies listed in Table "Addresses " .

Alpha Wire Corporation

Raychem Corporation, Thermofit Division

711 Lidgerwood Ave.‪

300 Constitution Drive‪

P.O. Box 711‪

Building B‪

Elizabeth, New Jersey 07207-0711‪

Menlo Park, CA 94025‪



Table 1. Addresses

To heat shrink wrap a splice:

  1. Select the correct diameter to allow a tight wrap when heated. The heat shrink wrap must be long enough to overlap the wire insulation about 6.35 mm (0.25 in.) on both sides of the splice.
  2. Heat the shrink wrap with a heat gun; do not concentrate the heat in one location, but play the heat over the entire length of shrink wrap until the joint is complete.

Section 8.11.5
Multiple Broken Wires

To splice multiple broken wires:

  1. Stagger the position of each splice. See Figure "Multiple Splices " .
  2. You must stagger positions to prevent a large bulge in the harness and to prevent the wires from chafing against each other.
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    Figure 2. Multiple Splices

Section 8.11.6
Three Wire Splice

Three-way splice connectors are commercially available to accommodate three-wire splices. The technique is the same as a single butt splice connector. See Figure "Three-Way Splice " .

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Figure 3. Three-Way Splice

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