Series 638 – Section 3.1 Overview of Lubrication System

Section 3.1
Overview of Lubrication System

The lubrication system has a rotor-type oil pump located in the front of the crankcase and driven by a gear directly meshing with the crankshaft gear.‪

Oil is directed through an oil pressure relief valve to the full-flow filter and through appropriate oil passages machined in the crankcase to the main bearing carriers, camshaft bearings, and to the turbocharger.‪

Oil jets located on the bearing carriers lubricate and cool piston pins, connecting rod to piston, and the internal area of the pistons. An external oil line allows proper lubrication of the rocker arms. If the oil filter is clogged, a bypass valve located in the oil filter cartridge will allow the oil to circulate through the engine.‪

Series 638 Service Manual - 6SE648
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