Series 638 – Section 11.4 Stopping

Section 11.4

The following should be performed for NORMAL stopping:‪

  1. Release the load and decrease the engine speed in the NEUTRAL position.
  2. Allow the engine to run at idle with no-load for a few minutes, then turn the key switch to the OFF position.

The following should be performed after a NORMAL stop:‪

  1. Fill fuel tank. A full tank will minimize condensation.
  2. Check coolant level after the engine has cooled down. Add coolant to bring it to the proper level.
  3. Check the oil level in the crankcase. Add oil to bring it to the proper level on the dipstick.
  4. Check and, if necessary, add sufficient fluid to bring it to the proper level. Follow manufacturer's recommendations for proper levels.
  5. Make a visual check for external leaks in the fuel, lubricating and cooling systems.

Section 11.4.1
Emergency Stopping

To stop the engine, turn the key to the OFF position.‪

Series 638 Service Manual - 6SE648
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