Section 4.1 Fuel Additives

Section 4.1
Fuel Additives

The use of supplemental fuel additives is not required or recommended. Some additives may be beneficial in addressing temporary fuel quality problems, but should not replace proper fuel selection and handling. It has been shown that some additives increase operating costs without providing benefit. The use of these additives does not necessarily void the engine warranty. However, repair expenses which result from fuel system or engine component malfunctions or damage attributed to their use will not be covered. Detroit Diesel Corporation will not test or verify the performance of any supplemental additives and will not accept responsibility for use, selection or hazards relating to the use of such products.‪

Detroit Diesel Corporation specifically prohibits the use of drained lubricating oil in diesel fuel. Used lubricating oil contains combustion acids and particulate materials, which erode injector components, resulting in loss of power and increased exhaust emissions. In addition, the use of drained lubricating oil will increase maintenance requirements due to filter plugging and combustion deposits.‪

Unit Fuel Injectors and Unit Pumps Technician's Guide - 7SE500
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