Fuel Injectors & Pumps – Section 4.8 Fuel Water Contamination

Section 4.8
Fuel Water Contamination

The prevention of water in the fuel system is essential to optimize engine performance. Unit injector, unit pump, and nozzle failure can result from water entering the fuel system.‪

Some fuel additives provide temporary benefit when the fuel is contaminated with water. They are not intended to replace good fuel handling practices. Where water contamination is a concern, the fuel system should be equipped with a fuel/water separator that should be serviced regularly. In environments where microbe growth is a problem, a fungicide such as Biobor®JF (or equivalent) may be used. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for treatment. Avoid the use of fungicides containing chlorine, bromine, or fluorine compounds, since these may cause fuel system corrosion.‪

When small amounts of water are present, supplemental additives containing methyl carbitol or butyl cellusolve are effective. The use of isopropyl alcohol is no longer recommended due to its negative effect on fuel lubricity.‪

Note: Refer to DDC publication 7SE270 for complete fuel-related information.

Unit Fuel Injectors and Unit Pumps Technician's Guide - 7SE500
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