Bearings – Section 2 Investigation

Section 2

Determining the primary cause of engine bearing damage is critical to the continuing successful operation of any Detroit Diesel engine. It is important to examine all engine components as the engine is disassembled. The parts should be cleaned and laid out in such a manner so that the primary cause of the damage can be determined while noting which bearings are damaged. In some instances, due to extensive secondary damage, it is difficult to determine the exact primary cause. If the reasons are not determined, the rebuilt engine may experience a repeat failure.‪

Examination of the parts is only one step in determining bearing damage. The investigation of bearing damage should consider the facts and conditions related to the damage. ‪

  1. When did the damage happen?
    1. At start-up?
    2. During operation?
    3. At shutdown?
    4. At idle?
    5. During cruise?
  2. What identified the problem?
    1. Operator complaint?
    2. Unusual engine noise?
    3. Engine stopped?
    4. Engine alarms?
    5. Excess smoke?
  3. What past complaints did the engine have?
    1. Recent engine rebuild?
    2. Are the replacement parts genuine Detroit Diesel reliabilt®?

2.1 Oil Analysis

2.2 Trends

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