Section 1.1 Introduction

Section 1.1

Detroit Diesel is the world leader in diesel engines and diesel engine electronics. Detroit Diesel has made technological leaps in engine performance and fuel economy. Today, we build the most dependable electronically controlled diesel engine in the industry.‪

2007 Electronic Controls, DDEC VI, provides two industry standard serial data links: SAE Standards J1587 and J1939. SAE Standard J1587 provides two way communications for the diagnostic equipment and vehicle displays. SAE Standard J1939 provides control data to other vehicle systems such as transmissions and traction control devices.‪

As the leader in engine computer systems and technology, Detroit Diesel remains focused on providing excellence in products, service support and training. As products become more and more advanced, today’s technicians must become specialized in multiple areas. This manual is designed with that thought in mind. ‪

Our goal at Detroit Diesel is to be the most customer focused and most responsive engine manufacturer in the world.‪

EPA07 DD15 Troubleshooting Guide - DDC-SVC-MAN-0029
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