Fuel Injectors & Pumps – Section 5.3 DDEC for MBE 900 and MBE 4000 Engines

Section 5.3
DDEC for MBE 900 and MBE 4000 Engines

The MBE system has the same functions and options as the DDEC system, but it utilizes two control systems. The control systems consist of an engine resident pump and nozzle control unit, the DDEC-ECU and the DDEC- vehicle control unit (VCU). The two are connected by a proprietary datalink. The DDEC-ECU monitors and determines all values which are required for the operation of the engine. The DDEC-VCU monitors the vehicle systems. Within the VCU, sets of data for specific applications are stored. These include idle speed, maximum running speed, and speed limitation. The VCU receives data from the operator (accelerator pedal position, switches, various sensors) and other electronic control units (for example, the anti-lock brake system, transmission controllers, etc.). From this data instructions are computed for controlling the engine and transmitted to the DDEC-ECU via the proprietary datalink.‪

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