Section 13.1 Maintenance Overview

Section 13.1
Maintenance Overview

The suggestions and recommendations for preventive maintenance should be followed as closely as possible to obtain long life and best performance from the engine. The intervals indicated are time or miles of actual operation.‪

The time or mileage increments shown apply only to the maintenance function described. These functions should be coordinated with other regularly scheduled maintenance such as chassis lubrication.‪

The daily instructions pertain to routine or daily starting of an engine and not to a new engine or one that has not been operated for a considerable period of time. For new or stored engines, carry out the instructions given under "Preparation for a First Time Start." refer to "11.1 Preparation for a First Time Start" .‪

The daily maintenance of engines is the same for all applications. Refer to "13.2 Daily Maintenance of All Applications" . Periodic maintenance of engines is dependent on the application. For engines installed in vehicles, refer to "13.3 Maintenance of Vehicle Engines" .‪

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