Section 14.2 Restoring An Extended Storage Engine

Section 14.2
Restoring An Extended Storage Engine

Use the following procedure to restore an engine that has been in extended storage.‪

  1. Remove the covers and tape from all of the openings of the engine, fuel tank and electrical equipment.
  2. Remove the plugs from the inlet and outlet fuel lines and connect the lines to their proper position.
  3. Wash the exterior of the engine with fuel oil to remove the rust preventive. (Do NOT wash electrical components.)
  4. Remove the rust preventive from the flywheel.
  5. Remove the paper strips from between the pulleys and drive belts.
  6. Fill the crankcase to the proper level, with the recommended grade of lubricating oil listed in Table "Recommended Engine Oil" . Use a pressure lubricator to insure all bearings and rocker shafts are oiled.



    SAE Viscosity Grade‪


    API Classification‪


    Military Specification‪


    HT/HS Viscosity‪

    3.7 cP (minimum)‪

    Table 1. Recommended Engine Oil
  7. Fill the fuel tank.
  8. Fill the engine cooling system with clean soft water and proper inhibitors.
  9. Install the battery. Charge the battery if necessary.
  10. Perform the following steps:
    1. Secure the air cleaner housing and air intake pipe.
    2. Secure the air cleaner assembly and ensure that the joints are air-tight.
  11. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations covering the return of the transmission to service.
  12. Remove the covers from the turbocharger air inlet and turbine outlet connections. Prelube the turbocharger.
  13. Start the engine and verify that the engine is operating correctly.

    Note: Before subjecting the engine to a load or high speed, it is advisable to allow the engine to reach normal operating temperature. Then, perform a ” flash code" diagnostic check to ensure that there are no fault codes. If fault codes are logged, repair as necessary.

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