Series 40E – Section 3.4 Oil Pan

Section 3.4
Oil Pan

The oil pan assembly should be removed and replaced using the following procedure. See Figure "Oil Pan and Gasket" .‪

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1. Mounting Bar‪

3. Oil Pan‪

2. Oil Pan Gasket‪

4. Drain Plug and Seal‪

Figure 1. Oil Pan and Gasket

Section 3.4.1
Removal of Oil Pan

Remove the oil pan as follows:‪

  1. Remove 22 oil pan mounting bolts.
  2. Remove mounting bars.
  3. Remove oil pan and gasket from crankcase. Discard gasket.

Section 3.4.2
Installation of Oil Pan

Install the oil pan as follows:‪

  1. Replace oil pan and new gasket to crankcase.
  2. Replace mounting bars.
  3. Install 22 oil pan mounting bolts.

Series 40E Service Manual - 6SE410
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