DD15 Troubleshooting – Section 130.2 SPN 4076/FMI 4

Section 130.2
SPN 4076/FMI 4

The code is typically the Engine Coolant Inlet Temperature Circuit Failed Low‪

Repair the short to ground between pin 2 of the Engine Coolant Inlet Sensor harness connector and pin 80 of the MCM 120–pin connector. Refer to "130.2.1 Verify Repairs" .‪

Section 130.2.1
Verify Repairs

Verify repairs as follows:‪

  1. Turn ignition OFF.
  2. Reconnect any electrical connections that were disconnected to perform the diagnosis.
  3. Clear codes with DDDL 7.0 or latest version.


    To avoid injury from inhaling engine exhaust, always operate the engine in a well-ventilated area. Engine exhaust is toxic.‪

  4. Start and bring engine up to operating temperature (over 140°F/60°C).
  5. Verify operation is satisfactory and no warning lamps illuminate. If warning lamps illuminate, troubleshoot the codes. If assistance is required, call the Detroit Diesel Customer Support Center at 313–592–5800.

EPA07 DD15 Troubleshooting Guide - DDC-SVC-MAN-0029
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