Series 50G & 60G Troubleshooting

Section 4.10 Accessories and Brackets

Section 4.10
Accessories and Brackets

Check all accessories and brackets located on or near the engine as follows:‪

  1. Open engine compartment doors.
  2. Start the engine using the controls located at the engine bay.
  3. Turn the vehicle air conditioning on.
  4. Slowly take the engine from idle to 2100 RPM and back down to idle over a one minute time period.
  5. Observe and inspect the air conditioner, air compressor, generator, hydraulic pumps, fan clutches, etc. and their associated brackets for excessive vibration or uncommon operation.
    1. If there is no vibration or uncommon operation, check the Valve and Injector Operating Mechanisms. Refer to "4.11 Valve and Injector Operating Mechanisms" .
    2. If there is excessive vibration or the accessories are not firmly attached, repair and install the respective accessory properly. Repeat step and confirm proper operation.
  6. Connect the DDR or DDDL.

    Note: Use the Pro-Link kit to connect the DDR. Use PC card installed in the computer to connect the DDDL.

  7. Check for Knock Codes. If the no Knock Codes are present, troubleshooting is done.

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