Series 50G & 60G Troubleshooting

Section 4.13 Internal Engine Components

Section 4.13
Internal Engine Components

Check the internal engine components for problems that could cause Knock as follows:‪

  1. Check to see if the engine has been rebuilt.
    1. If the engine has been rebuilt, make sure that it has the correct Connecting Rods.

      Note: The proper connecting rods for a Series 50G and 60G are shorter in length and are identified by the words “Natural Gas' on their side.

    2. If the proper connecting rods are installed, proceed to Fake Knock Codes. Refer to "4.14 Fake Knock Codes" .
  2. Check the valves (intake and exhaust) for built up combustion deposits.
    1. If there are no deposits, confirm proper operation of the Valve and Injector Operating Mechanisms.
    2. If there are deposits, determine the cause of the excessive deposits. Check valves, valve guides, seals, and the cylinder kits. Refer to the Series 60 Service Manual 6SE483 or refer to the Series 50 Service Manual 6SE50.
  3. If the no longer knocks, troubleshooting is done.

Series 50G and 60G Troubleshooting Guide - 6SE482
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