Section 124.3 SPN 3695/FMI 14

Section 124.3
SPN 3695/FMI 14

This fault is typically one of the following: ‪

  • DPF Regen Inhibit Switch message not received this ignition cycle
  • DPF Regen Force Switch message not received this ignition cycle

Section 124.3.1
DPF Regen Inhibit Switch or Force Switch Message not Received Check

Check as follows:‪

  1. Check for multiple codes:
    1. If CPC SPN 168/FMI 0/14/18 (Battery Voltage) are present troubleshoot and repair these first.
    2. If MCM SPN 625/FMI 9 is present, troubleshoot and repair the CAN line.
    3. If only a “J1939 Error” fault is present, go to step 2 .
  2. Has the CPC been recently reprogrammed?
    1. If yes, check the proper configuration of the CPC.
    2. If no, connect ServiceLink to determine which modules are configured for the vehicle and their communication status. Once this is done, follow the appropriate module communication troubleshooting procedures for the affected module.

EPA07 Series 60 DDEC VI Troubleshooting Guide - 6SE567
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