Section 1.24 EGR Camshaft

Section 1.24
EGR Camshaft

The removal, installation, and inspection of the EGR camshaft is the same as in the non-EGR engine, except for the following minor changes.‪

Section 1.24.1
EGR Camshaft Changes

In the EGR engine, there is a possibility of installing the camshaft bushings in an inverted (wrong) position.‪


If the EGR camshaft bushings are installed in an inverted (wrong) channel position, there is potential for engine damage due to lack of lubrication. The holes in the camshaft journal must be lined up with the holes in the camshaft bushing.‪

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 1. Bushing Groove‪

Figure 1. Camshaft Bushing Installation

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