Section 9 Excessive Exhaust Smoke (Black or Gray)

Section 9
Excessive Exhaust Smoke (Black or Gray)

9.1 Restricted Air Cleaner Element

9.2 Restricted or Cracked Charge Air Cooler

9.3 Faulty Air Intake Manifold Gasket

9.4 Faulty Exhaust System

9.5 Aerated Fuel

9.6 Faulty Fuel Nozzle

9.7 Defective Turbocharger

9.8 Improper Grade of Fuel

9.9 Faulty EGR Valve

9.10 Incorrectly Adjusted Exhaust Brake Valve

9.11 Faulty Exhaust Brake Gate

9.12 Faulty Exhaust Brake Gate Actuator

9.13 Faulty Constant Throttle Valve Solenoid

9.14 Improper Valve Clearance, Worn or Damaged Camshaft Lobes and Rollers

9.15 Low Compression

EPA07 MBE 4000 DDEC VI Troubleshooting Guide - 6SE568
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