Section 3.5 Oil Filter

Section 3.5
Oil Filter

Two full-flow type lubricating oil filters are used on the Series 50 engine. The oil filters are mounted in a downward position. The filters are the throw away, spin-on type. See Figure "Spin-on Oil Filters" .‪

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Figure 1. Spin-on Oil Filters

Oil supplied by the engine oil pump passes through the full-flow filters before reaching the various moving parts of the engine. The oil is forced by pump pressure through a passage in the filter adaptor and into the elements. Impurities are filtered out as the oil passes through the elements and out through another passage in the filter adaptor.‪

Section 3.5.1
Repair or Replacement of Oil Filters

Repair is not possible. Replace using the following procedure:‪

  1. Remove oil filter. Refer to "3.5.2 Cleaning and Removal of Oil Filter" .
  2. Install new oil filter. Refer to "3.5.3 Installation of Oil Filter" .

Section 3.5.2
Cleaning and Removal of Oil Filter

Precleaning is not necessary.‪

Remove oil filter as follows:‪

  1. Remove the oil filter using oil filter wrench J 29917 and discard the used oil filters.
  2. Examine the sealing surface of the filter to ensure that the seal ring is attached to the filter. If not, remove it from the adaptor.

Prior to installation, clean the filter adaptor with a clean, lint-free cloth.‪

Section 3.5.3
Installation of Oil Filter

Install oil filter as follows:‪

  1. Lightly coat the new oil filter seal with clean engine oil.
  2. Start a new filter on the adaptor, and tighten it by hand until the seal touches the adaptor filter head.


    Mechanical tightening is not necessary and will distort or crack the adaptor.‪

  3. Tighten the filter an additional 2/3 turn after contact.
  4. Refer to "11.1.2 Lubrication System" or refer to "13.5.10 Lubricating Oil Filter" for verification of proper oil filter installation.

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