Section 6.2 Air Cleaner

Section 6.2
Air Cleaner

Air cleaners are designed to remove foreign matter from the air and pass the required volume of air for proper combustion. Manufacturer's guidelines should be consulted to maintain a reasonable time period of efficient operation before requiring service.‪

The importance of keeping dust and grit-laden air out of the engine cannot be overemphasized, since clean air is essential to satisfactory engine operation and long engine life. Should dust in the air supply enter the engine, it would be carried into the cylinders and, due to its abrasive properties, cause premature wear of the moving parts. Dirt build up in the air cleaner passages will eventually restrict the engine air supply and result in incomplete combustion, leaving heavy carbon deposits on the valves and pistons. The air cleaner must have a capacity large enough to retain the material separated from the air to permit operation for a reasonable length of time before cleaning is required.‪


Detroit Diesel is aware of attempts to use air cleaner elements made of foam or fabric batting material soaked with a sticky substance to improve dirt-holding capability. In some installations this substance has been found to transfer from the filter media, coating the inside surfaces of air ducts, turbochargers, and engine air inlet systems. The result has been reduced engine performance and a change in engine operating conditions.‪

Detroit Diesel recommends only oil bath type and dry paper element type air cleaners. Alternate air filtration systems may be available in the after-market. Detroit Diesel does not recommend use or extend warranty to cover engine component damage or malfunction resulting from using non-recommended filters. ‪

Section 6.2.1
Repair or Replacement of Air Cleaner

Refer to the OEM guidelines for air cleaner service procedures.‪

Section 6.2.2
Cleaning and Removal of Air Cleaner

Detroit Diesel does not offer air cleaners as original equipment.‪


Always vacuum check air intake restriction indicators after cleaning to ensure proper operation. Failure to observe this step may result in faulty indicator readings, which may lead to inefficient engine operation and/or damage.‪

Refer to OEM guidelines for cleaning and removal procedures.‪

Section 6.2.3
Installation of Air Cleaner

Refer to vehicle or equipment manufacturer for installation procedures.‪

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