Section 7.1 Exhaust Manifold

Section 7.1
Exhaust Manifold

Perform the following procedures for removal and installation of the exhaust manifold:‪

Section 7.1.1
Exhaust Manifold Removal

Remove the exhaust manifold as follows:‪

  1. Disconnect the batteries and tilt the hood.
  2. Remove the turbocharger from the exhaust manifold. Refer to "6.3.2 Turbocharger Removal" .
  3. Loosen all the exhaust manifold mounting bolts, but do not remove them yet. See Figure "Exhaust Manifold Removal and Installation" .
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     1. Exhaust Manifold‪

     4. Spacer‪

     2. Mounting Bolt‪

     5. Gasket‪

     3. Turbocharger‪

     6. Cylinder Heads‪

    Figure 1. Exhaust Manifold Removal and Installation

  4. Remove the exhaust manifold components from each cylinder head.
    1. Remove each mounting bolt and spacer from the exhaust manifold and each cylinder head.
    2. Remove the spacer from each mounting bolt.
    3. Remove the exhaust manifold.
  5. Remove and discard the gaskets from the exhaust port on each cylinder head. Clean any bits of adhering gasket material from the exhaust manifold and the exhaust ports.

Section 7.1.2
Exhaust Manifold Installation

Install the exhaust manifold as follows:‪

  1. Install a gasket on each exhaust port. Fasten the gasket to the engine by installing one mounting bolt on the forward side of each exhaust port.
  2. Position the exhaust manifold next to the heads, and install it by sliding the manifold to the right until it comes to rest on the bolts that were installed in the previous step.
  3. Line up each gasket and install the remaining bolt and spacer on each exhaust port.

    Note: Make sure that each gasket is properly aligned before tightening the mounting bolts on that exhaust port.

  4. Tighten each of the mounting bolts to 50 N·m (37 lb·ft).
  5. Install the turbocharger on the mounting studs on the exhaust manifold. Refer to "6.3.3 Turbocharger Installation" .
  6. Connect the batteries and lower the hood.


    Diesel engine exhaust and some of its constituents are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.‪

    • Always start and operate an engine in a well ventilated area.
    • If operating an engine in an enclosed area, vent the exhaust to the outside.
    • Do not modify or tamper with the exhaust system or emission control system.
  7. Start the engine and make sure there is oil pressure. Shut down the engine and check for leaks.

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