Section 83.2 Diagnostic Codes

Section 83.2
Diagnostic Codes

Start with the Menu Selection screen.‪

  1. To call up active codes:
    1. Select ENGINE and ENTER three times.
  2. To call up inactive codes:
    1. Select ENGINE and ENTER twice.
    2. Select INACTIVE CODES and ENTER.
  3. To clear codes:
    1. Select ENGINE and push ENTER twice.
    2. Go down and select CLEAR CODES and ENTER.
    3. Left to YES, and ENTER.
    4. Wait and then push FUNC three times.
    5. Go to lines 1 and 2 of the Engine Data List, Active and Inactive Codes, and verify that both lines display NO.

Series 60 DDEC V Troubleshooting Guide - 6SE570
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