Section 61.1 Description of Flash Code 61

Section 61.1
Description of Flash Code 61

Flash Code 61 indicates that the time it takes from when the DDEC III ECM requests an injector, see Figure "Injectors" , be turned on to when the injector solenoid valve actually closes is longer than the high limit of the expected range. Engine oil temperature must be greater than 87°F (30°C).‪

This diagnostic condition is typically:‪

  • Bad injector harness and or connection (high resistance)
  • Poor vehicle grounds
  • Sticky solenoid valve

Note: The injector diagnostic SID (Subsystem Identifier) indicates which cylinder number has an injector with a long response time. The injector number describes the cylinder and or bank which has the injector with a long response time. The DDR will display the injector text description.

Injector response times generally increase with low battery supply voltage and decrease with high battery supply voltage. Although injector response times vary from injector to injector at a given r/min, each individual injector response time should remain relatively consistent from one firing to the next. Wide variations in response time (typically ± 0.2 msec) for one injector at a steady engine r/min may indicate an electrical problem (faulty alternator or voltage regulator, poor or broken ground cables, etc.).‪

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