Series 60 DDEC V Troubleshooting

Section 23.4 Troubleshooting Flash Code 13, PID 146/FMI 6

Section 23.4
Troubleshooting Flash Code 13, PID 146/FMI 6

Flash code 13 also indicates that the ECM/ECU has detected too high a current level for the Exhaust Gas Recirulation (EGR) Valve. The following procedure will troubleshoot problem.‪

Section 23.4.1
Short Circuit

Perform the following steps if the EGR Valve current is high.‪

  1. To check for a short circuit, disconnect harness connector at actuator control valve coil. Measure coil resistance between pins A and B. Allowed ranges are listed in Table "Ranges Allowed (ohms)" . Also, see Figure "EGR Valve Coil Wiring" .

    Coil Temperature °C

    Coil Temperature °F

    Allowed Ranges (ohms)



    3.4 - 4.2‪



    3.7 - 4.6‪



    4.4 - 5.4‪

    Table 1. Ranges Allowed (ohms)
    Click to see this graphic in a separate window

    Figure 1. EGR Valve Coil Wiring

    1. If coil resistance is too low replace the actuator assembly.
    2. If coil resistance is okay go to step 2 .
  2. Disconnect engine harness at the ECU and at the coil and measure resistance across the two pin connector pins.
    1. If resistance is less than 100 Ω, the two wires are shorted to each other.
    2. If the resistance is greater than 100 Ω, try a test ECU or contact the Detroit Diesel Customer Service Center (313–592–5800).
Verify Repairs

Perform the following steps to verify repairs.‪

  1. Turn ignition OFF.
  2. Reconnect all connectors.
  3. Turn ignition ON.
  4. Start and run engine.
  5. Check DDR/DDDL codes.
    1. If no codes are displayed, no further troubleshooting is required.
    2. If any other codes are logged.Refer to "20.18 Exhaust Gas Recirculation System Basic Checks for Series 60 Engines" .
    3. If code p 146/6 returns contact Detroit Diesel Customer Service Center (313–592–5800).

Series 60 DDEC V Troubleshooting Guide - 6SE570
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